Moonwalking for dentists

Simon has written a book about the business of dentistry.

Whether you are an experienced associate, a gifted implantologist, a practice owner or a dental graduate, this book will help you instantly improve your performance, both practically and strategically.

The book is written so that you can just dip in to specific chapters, make notes as you read or devour the book from cover to cover! Take a quick peak here at what each chapter covers:

What’s going on? Why the perfect storm of oversupply, patient promiscuity and better technology means you will fail if you don’t embrace retail.

What do you really want? Are you ready to sacrifice relationships and personal freedom? Maybe you’re not cut out to run your own practice after all….

Where are you going? What does the incredibly successful easyJet business model look like as a dental practice, and would it play to your strengths?

How to draw your map Pretend you’ve been bough out by a corporate which wants a list of things to change to grow the business, no strings attached….

Walking in your patients’ shoes Take a forensic look at your patient journey and make sure you avoid needless lost patients.

The bottom line The six Breathe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will cut through all the white noise and flag areas that deserve your attention.

What’s on the horizon? Your business will start dying even as the money is rolling in. so you need to either sell or relaunch before you lose too much.

The best kept secret of successful dentists: CONFIDENCE Dentists are peculiarly vulnerable to low self-esteem and here is how to fight it.

Workbook A reference section including “How to be a good associate”, KPIs, patient satisfaction questions, and best practice checklist for reception.

“If you intend staying in dentistry beyond the next six months, you have to read this book.”
Stephen Hancocks OBE
Editor-in-chief of the British Dental Journal and International Dental Journal

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book (it’s £25.00), or you would like to chat to Simon about the book, please get in touch.