Breathe Analysis

Many clients find this service the ideal introduction to working with Breathe.

We come to you.

This is designed to provide an objective analysis of your practice, to help you (and us) understand where you are and where you want to be. We will review all aspects of your practice from the financials, sales & marketing, supporting processes, the facility and the team, and then help you decide on your strategy and help you formulate the plan to meet both your business and personal objectives. The Breathe Analysis service includes:

  • Some preparation work from you (including background information on you, some psychometric testing, key financial information), prior to…
  • A preparation Skype meeting to discuss the data, ask questions and agree an agenda for….
  • A day together at your practice (typically 10.00-15.00) to assess and discuss all the agreed agenda items, followed by…
  • A full report from the day (within 48 hours of our meeting), outlining an agreed action plan, followed by…
  • A follow-up Skype meeting a week later (typically 45 minutes) to discuss the report and agree next steps.

Your Breathe Analysis service is £1,970+VAT.

All Breathe meetings count as verifiable CPD and all our services are tax-deductible business expenses, so you can claim at least 40% of your investment in Breathe back from the taxman.