Breathe Selection

You may get lucky in finding Mr/Ms Right, by having a nice chat with them and showing then round your practice. Most typically, recruitment and interviewing is a detailed process that takes skill (and time) to sift and identify the right person for the role – so how can you choose the “right’ one?

Using Breathe Selection to help you select the candidate for the role from your short list, you can expect us to:

  • Help you clearly identify the skills and behaviours you require for the role
  • Review the CVs of the candidates in your short list (and read “between the lines”)
  • Run a Breathe Selection Day, where we will interview your short-listed candidates and ask the right questions to help to ascertain whether they have the skills you require and (most importantly) how they will perform
  • Run a set of psychometric profiling and testing applicable to the role, to help confirm your (and our) conclusions about each candidate
  • Recommend further “tests” in practical terms for you to carry out to ascertain whether your final selection of Mr/Ms Right can do the job before you make the offer.

Fees for our selection service start at £2,470+VAT depending on your requirements.

All Breathe meetings count as verifiable CPD and all our services are tax-deductible business expenses, so you can claim at least 40% of your investment in Breathe back from the taxman.