Simon Hocken

Dr. Simon Hocken has 20 years experience as a dentist, having set up and run three innovative and successful private “boutique” practices.

Simon is a formally trained mentor with 18 years experience of business coaching. He founded Breathe in 2007 and has worked with more than 1,000 practices, supporting them in achieving business and personal success.

Simon specialises in supporting principals and their management team in making change happen and quickly getting to the bottom of the key numbers in a dental practice. In addition, Simon helps principals establish a balance between their professional and personal lives. He is astute at spotting trends “ahead of the curve” and enjoys working with principals to develop their own personal style of leadership.

Simon is passionate about the future of dentistry. He speaks regularly at major dental forums, as well as writing for leading publications, and lectures and writes for academic courses. He has written the book “Moonwalking for Dentists” and has written a fortnightly blog on all aspects of working in and running a dental practice for the last 15 years.

He also loves to sail.