The Breathe Retreat

Every year, we host a Life Planning Retreat for 8-12 people at a lovely location in the West Country over 3.5 days. Our purpose is to work with some very dear, carefully selected clients, (some bring their life partners too) so as to help them envisage a bigger future for themselves.

Over 15 years of doing this kind of work, with only a few exceptions, clients leave this event and set sail towards a destination they hardly could of imagined were it not for the few days they invested in The Breathe Retreat.

It’s a big claim but read on!

A long weekend, away from the day-to-day distractions of your practice and busy life. We have chosen a very special environment where it’s easy to feel inspired and creative, as well as having the time and space to think clearly. You will leave with a vision that inspires and guides the next stage of your life and with some decisions made about what’s really important to you. Most important of all, you will leave with all the energy and motivation you need to set about putting your new vision and business plan into place!

For principals and their partners; come with your business partner or your life partner, or just bring yourself. This is a planning retreat designed to help you get clear about what you want in both your business and your life. Our experience is that most people who attend

The Breathe Retreat get a lot more (of what is important to them) done and are much more successful, however that is for them.

The event runs from 1300hrs on Thursday to 1400hrs on Sunday. The accommodation, environment and catering are to a high standard and you will feel very well looked after giving you time to think and re-consider.

The fees are £2,970+VAT for 2, including accommodation, catering and coaching.

All Breathe meetings count as verifiable CPD and all our services are tax-deductible business expenses, so you can claim at least 40% of your investment in Breathe back from the taxman.