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We are frequently asked by our clients about what is the most effective marketing strategy. This week, Simon discusses how marketing and branding is evolving and how Breathe is planning to implement some of the latest ideas to bring what we do “alive” for our potential clients.

Last week, four of our six Breathe Coaches, myself, Mike Hutchinson, Ernie Wright and Jayne Sproson spent the day with Elliot Choueka and John Greenwood from GA.Comms ( being luvvies, surrounded by cameras and lights, whilst filming a series of videos for our new web site and for our forthcoming exhibition stand at The Dentistry Show in March. (

This followed on from a fascinating review of our branding with Helen Blake and Simon Thomason, of the award-winning agency, Absolute Design ( We are developing a knowledge factory at Breathe which will package content and tool kits for our clients and Simon and Helen have come up with a simple way to brand and distinguish this from our Membership services such as Breathe Business Clubs, Business Retreats and Bespoke Coaching. It reminded me of the unique power and excitement that good branding can create and filming video with GA Comms will enable us to “bring alive” how we work with and help our clients.

Some of our new branding is concerned with raising questions, to elicit gaps in the knowledge of prospective clients in order to increase their curiosity about what we deliver at Breathe. If you’re curious about the questions, I’ve posted them at the end of this. If you are curious about the answers, well then, you’d better get in touch!

Incidentally, Absolute have already worked with some Breathe clients to create stunning new dental brands such as Illume and Esteem. ( and it was they who came up with the Breathe name and Brand late in 2007. Their stunning branding has helped us rapidly establish the name and credibility of Breathe in the dental market place enabling us to consistently grow the business year on year and help us establish business values, our look, our tone of voice and our intellectual property.

So, like some of our clients, we believe that having a great web site that is easily and consistently found by web users is the closest thing ever to a ‘silver-bullet marketing strategy’ to grow your business. And we think that soon, all effective professional service websites will use video as a platform to help prospects decide whether these folk are friends or foes! So, we are at last replacing our (frankly disastrous) first website with a new site scheduled to go live in June this year. Core to our new site will be many video tiles embedded on the home page and throughout the site pages to give a real taste of what we can do!

Some of our clients have already put video on their web sites and are reaping the benefits including: Rhu and Jane McKelvey at Beam Orthodontics, Michael Sultan at Endocare, Mark Hughes and Adam Thorne at Harley Street Dental Studio, and Marcus and Louise Spry at Fresh Dental Care. See the links below:
And here is the link to GA Comms portfolio:

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