What Are Your True Colours?

July 1988 saw the horrific Piper Alpha disaster in the North Sea where 143 off-shore workers perished in a raging inferno. The tragic event was the catalyst behind the most compelling business tool I have ever come across. I know that sounds a bit over the top, but I am serious.

On first evaluation it might be easy to dismiss the product as another psychometric test in a ‘tricked up’ wrapper. No, this is really different. Traditional psychometric tests define the individuals profile, their most likely behavioural styles and essentially are purely about the individual. This compelling business tool is also about the individual but, critically, it’s how that individual reads and understands the behavioural patterns of their colleagues and how they interact. It’s about inclusion, involvement and contribution.

This business tool works on the principle of attributing a combination of 4 colours which represent the 4 quadrants of the brain to each individual, your colours are assigned after an easy to answer 15 minute on line exercise. The results are stunning. This morning in a group of 40 people who had completed the exercise and were then grouped by their lead colour, we all found ourselves sitting with scaringly similar minded people to ourselves. In the oil and gas industry today globally all workers wear their colours on their uniforms, which provides their colleagues with an instant insight into their behavioural style. Think of it as shorthand or a personality uniform. Is there an application in UK / Irish dentistry …? Most definitely, in my opinion.

If you would like to learn more about this, or would like a free test drive and you have 15 minutes to establish your colours, email or ring me, it might just change the culture and atmosphere of your practice for the better.

I am a Red/Yellow – Socialising Doer

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