The best £1794 including VAT you will ever spend on on your patient waiting room.

The other day I had to go and see my GP,  well actually at my local practice I go and see a GP, in the 3 years I have attended the practice I have never seen the same GP twice, but I am not complaining, each individual consultation experience was fine and I got fixed.  Having made the appointment for 11.20 I got there at 11.05, just in case – I actually met my next new GP at 11.45, but I did have 40 minutes of pure entertainment and learning.

Looking around the vast waiting room it struck me that the only people who go to see the Doctor are either brand new ones [babies] or old gits like me.  I was intrigued by the sheer number of smiley posters the practice manager had managed to stick randomly on the wall.  It seems that they all carried a cheery message, it’s good to be ill – Got cancer get a free MacMillan Nurse or a large picture of a fat lass ostensibly saying it’s not good to be a fat lass.   Anyway, out of the corner of my eye I observed another old git like me shuffle across the room to this until now invisible machine in the corner, he swiftly sat down on the school chair provided and then rammed his arm into this bizarre machine, he waited a few minutes then the machine gave him a till receipt which he seemed quite pleased with and shuffled off.  Well, I was up out of my chair before you could say Jack Robinson to ram my arm into the device which I discovered was an automatic blood pressure machine – I was delighted, no rolling up sleeves, simple to operate, and best of all a printed result, which I quickly realised meant absolutely nothing to me, there were 3 figures SYS DIA and PUL – no idea !  Luckily, semi obscured on the wall was a simple explanation – if your figures look like this you may die shortly and you should see the Doctor pronto or if they look like this you are fine for 5 years.

I am happy to report I am fine for 5 years – crickey I was so uplifted, not with the result but with the fact I was able to check on my own body and get instant feedback without involving any one else.  I started to think how many people die every minute from high blood pressure related problems, why not put one of these machines in motorway service stations, airports, Wembley or even dentists waiting rooms/patient lounges/  what would it say about your practice, caring, concerned, medical, technology – all for £1794 including VAT.  If I was a dentist I would buy one tomorrow and tell all my patients that next time they visit they can check their own BP for free, it’s another reason to keep your check up or Hygienist appointment.

Later in the day I had to go back to the practice to pick up a prescription for my wife and yes, I could not resist it, I had another blast on the blood pressure machine, I shared my results with the lady Pharmacist who politely humoured me.  I asked how long the machine was there and she said about 5 years.

Don’t you think it’s odd that the practice does not ask all its visiting patients to have a go on the BP machine and hand the results to their Doctor, even if they are going for a pain in the back, just think how many strokes it could anticipate??

If you are interested in this machine drop me a line I have the supplier details.


All the best


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