Seven Successful Behaviours Which Will Grow Your Practice in 2013.

I know it’s only February but already I’m noticing a significant difference between the behaviours of dentists who are growing their practices and those that are struggling to maintain their patient list sizes, turnover and profitability. I thought it might be useful to identify the behaviours that our successful dentists are using to grow their practices.

I’ve listed them below in order of importance:

  1. A big vision. They are pioneering (not following the herd), have tamed their fears and are personally confident and secure. They focus on the right things, avoid daily distractions, take risks and make a lot of decisions.
  2. Attitude, Approach, Goal, Strategies and Tactics. They have: a can do attitude, (no, “yes but it won’t work around here”), a personal approach that is effective, a goal setting habit and an ability to find successful strategies and implement tactics that are proven to work.
  3. Effective at Execution and Implementation. They have reliable follow through. They read and respond to emails and voicemails (in a timely way). They are well resourced with an effective support team including a manager who has a skill set that is complementary and equal to theirs. They work hard. They are willing to spend wisely. They don’t have crazy debt and they don’t draw all the money out of the business.
  4. Practices Have “Stand Out.”  Their practices have a clear, readily understood and desireable proposition. Their practices are: in great shape, clean, uncluttered, accessible, contemporary and welcoming. They are filled with “can-do” people who are willing to open at hours that suit their clients, not just hours that suit them. The clinical and the management team have high value skills enabling the practice to offer services that clients understand, appreciate and are williing to pay for. These practices tend to price their services at a level a little below their competition.
  5. Web Savvy. These dentists appreciate that their Internet presence (and the way that people access and react to their web sites) is fundamental to their success. They work with a web team who have a proven track record at effective internet marketing and their Business Managers measure all points of contact and review their web strategy regularly.
  6. Data Base. They actively manage (and cleanse) their patient data-base so that they effectively reactivate dormant clients and dormant treatment plans and have data to demonstrate whether their practices are growing (in terms of active patient numbers) or shrinking.
  7. Communication Skills. Their key client-facing clinical team members have terrific interpersonal skills enabling them to help their clients buy the dental care they need and want. These folk are knowledgeable and self-confident and have ditched their hang-ups about providing private medical care.

In my view these are essential behaviours if you want a practice that is growing rather than marking time or shrinking.  If you are willing and open, all of these behaviours can be acquired and if you or your team are missing some, we can help put them in place!

If you would like to talk to me about how we can help you grow your practice, please contact me on:
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