Does utilising “Social Media” work when marketing a Dental Practice?

Many “dental business gurus” suggest that having a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile and videos on You Tube are desirable, cutting edge, successful tactics to use when marketing a dental practice. In this ezine, a few weeks ago, I asked readers to contact me if they were using social media to market their dental practice with reliable data to show that it works.

I would then publish their experience for the benefit of the many who read this ezine.

From an ezine subscriber’s list of (in excess) of 3,000 dental professionals, not one of you has emailed me to say that using social media as a tactic to market your practice is working for you. Either you are too shy, or you want to retain your competitive advantage or, it’s not working.

Could this be a whiff of The Emperor’s New Clothes?
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