I Don’t Know About You, But Life Is Getting Very Exciting!

Five reasons why dentists should be smiling and excited about the future….

The recession is over – wherever I have been in the last three months from Swansea to Selby, from Glasgow to Galway there is a startling feeling of confidence and excitement in the air.

The Daily Express is reporting increasing house prices – in a return to form for the tabloid I know my house, and yours, is increasing by at least £500 per month.

People are spending money – car sales in the UK are up a staggering 10.5 per cent, interest rates are still low and likely to stay that way and unemployment is down.

The UK’s back on sporting form – Chris Froome won the Tour De France, Murray won Wimbledon, England won the Ashes and the Lions had a fantastic tour as well – does it get any better?

We’ve had a summer – the sun shone on us at last and that’s made everyone feel better!

Will we look back at 2013 as the start of new golden age of well-being and prosperity?  I think so – the trick for dentists is to not get left behind – make sure you and your practice are part of the new beginning.

So what should you do?

Lesson number one in marketing is to market to an expanding market place. Now is the time for practices wishing to grow to dig deep and invest in marketing.  It is when you can achieve a ‘first mover ‘advantage over your sleepy, lazy and content competitors, which means you will win a larger share of the new patient market in your catchment for general, cosmetic, advanced restorative and specialist treatments.

Start your planning process this week by setting an objective of 15 per cent growth in profits during 2014 and work back from there!

Good luck and let me know if you think we can help.


Jonathan Fine

Managing Partner

07860 67 27 27

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