Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location 

Received wisdom says that dentistry needs to re-position and to embrace the world of retailing and effectively re-locate if necessary to the high street.  The theory is fine but how secure is the high street?  you will no doubt recall a couple of years ago all the gushing interviews with Mary Portas littered with slightly daft promise sound bites to bring back the hustle and bustle to our high streets, this really seems a long time ago .  Two weeks ago right in the middle of the holiday season the governments planning minister Nick Boles helpfully announced that the traditional high street is dead  for large parts of our town centres, its time to pack it in, he conceded that new planning rules will make it easy to convert shops into dwelling without needing planning, I very much doubt that this is what the PM was thinking when he got our Mary involved or indeed what the Conservative party chairman had in mind when he promised a high street revolution last year.

Sadly, it is fair to conclude that no one really has control over the future of the high street in the UK,  re-location therefore to the high street for a dental practice must be considered to be risky – we should perhaps be thinking retail parks, strip malls, edge of town mixed business parks, or landmark sites on key roads with parking.


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