Just 5 sleeps to Christmas and just 11 until a brand new year!

2014 is looking good, unemployment is down, inflation is down, the economy is in growth, property values are increasing and have just inched past the previous 2008 high.  Interest rates are set to remain at the current ludicrously low levels for the next year, even the banks seem to be getting their act together at long last.  Public confidence is steadily growing and yet, curiously, we business owners are still jumpy.  We are still waiting for the rabbit chop to the back of the neck.  We don’t feel that we are out of it yet, we still bear the battle scars of the last tough 5 years – in some cases we are suffering from the business version of PTS [post traumatic stress].

Faint heart and all that, but seriously, how do you come out fighting on January 2nd, ready to take on the year without the mice of doubt nibbling away at the back of your brain, draining your business confidence level and reducing you to an ineffectual business manager terrified of any change?  It’s all about confidence.  To feel confident, you need a plan that starts with a set of realistic objectives and a set of strategies [plans] and tactics [actions] that will make it happen.  Your business plan may very well be only one page of A4, but if it gives you the map to get you there, then that’s fine.  But without a map, then there will be serious confidence issues.  If you need help building a plan, then please feel free to give me a ring.

Have a very restful and happy Christmas


Jonathan Fine

07860 672727

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