So, will you really change your business in 2014?

I know that this is another imperfect generalisation, but it seems to me that in the early days of 2014, there are three types of practice owner in the UK.

1. The owner that is riding the wave of opportunity, growing their practice due to the fact that their proposition, their positioning and their branding, is in line with what their target market wants to buy.

2. The owner that can see the wave of opportunity and has plans to join his more successful colleagues this year, riding the wave and turnaround his/her gently shrinking practice.

3. The owner that is worried about his/her falling turnover and dramatically falling profits but who has absolutely no idea what to do apart from sell it to those nice boys from IDH or cross fingers and hope that things get better!


In Breathe, we are great at helping our members plan for the year ahead, and, in the final months of 2013 all of our our clients were helped to produce their objectives, strategy and tactics for 2014.  However, for obvious reasons, we can’t turn up at their practices daily and help them implement the changes they have planned and so their success at achieving their objectives for 2014 will, like you, depend on their ability to implement change.

We all love planning, it’s really seductive, fun and builds energy from the very real hope of a better life and a better business.  Earlier this week, I spent a full day with two clients helping them plan their next 15 years.  It was a great day but the value they get from it will stand or fall on whether they are able to act on and implement the plans we created.

So, what do you need in order to be able to make the changes that you really want in both your personal and your professional life?  The first thing you need is the motivation to initiate the (sometimes painful process of) change.  A good motivator is to list the outcomes that the changes will create for you.  Put the list somewhere you see it every day (bathroom mirror) and you will be reminded of why you are putting yourself through all this.  This list will help you visualise a life with the changes in place and the benefits they will create.

If you’ve got the motivation, now you need some resources.  (That is more resources than you had before you started this journey of making changes). The single most important and scarce resource is that of your time.  You will need to find more time if you want to change your business.  And so something is going to have to give.  Either you will be spending less time treating patients or spending less time at home.  Don’t underestimate the seductiveness of a fee earning morning compared to a morning at your desk working on your business!

You will also need some folk to help you implement change, cash to invest and sufficient knowledge to be confident that you are spending your time and your cash wisely and that it will create a generous return on your endeavours.

Having witnessed many of our clients succeed at implementing change, here are the most important reasons why they are successful:

  • They are passionate about their objectives
  • They anticipate roadblocks and never let roadblocks derail or demotivate them
  • They are clear about the benefits the objectives will create
  • They have agreed a strategy with their support team
  • They have allocated enough of their personal time to oversee the project(s)
  • They are willing to invest their cash
  • They have a willing team, well lead
  • They maintain the motivation and momentum when everyone else is getting weary of the process

If you would like some help with planning, creating outcomes, implementation, motivation etc, contact me on 07770 430576.

Wishing you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year!

Best Wishes


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