new book sets out why dentists must embrace retail

A punchy guide to success written by a serial entrepreneur and a dentist-turned-life-coach is being unveiled at the Dentistry Show in Birmingham this week.

“Moonwalking For Dentists” has already won plaudits from key opinion leaders in the dental industry for stating unequivocally why dentists who do not embrace a retail philosophy will fail.

The book, written by Jonathan Fine and Simon Hocken, is positioned as an accessible self-help tool for anyone practicing dentistry or considering owning a practice, and insists market forces should be front and centre in their plans for the future

Jonathan Fine said: “We are at a turning point in the history of    dental practice and anyone who denies that this backward    service sector is playing catch up with the rest of the UK’s  service industry is in for a very nasty shock.

“Independent dentists are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity, if they are bold enough, to head the inevitable revolution in patient engagement and reap the rewards before the corporates get in.

“This is a workbook version of what Breathe Business, our consulting, business and advisory group, does. It gets readers to articulate what they want out of life personally and professionally, and produces a realistic model of how that might look as a profitable business.”

The book was sponsored by dental practice dealership Frank Taylor & Associates.

The authors will be available at the Frank Taylor & Associates stand at the Dentistry Show from Friday 28 February to Saturday 1 March. The book retails at £20 and individual chapters are available to download for £5 at

About the authors
Simon Hocken has helped more than 800 dental principals define and realise success in their professional and personal lives. He was a dentist for 20 years, set up three practices and is a formally trained mentor. Simon founded the dental consultancy Breathe Business in 2007 with his wife Ernie Wright.

Jonathan Fine is a marketing strategist whose entrepreneurial flair and sense of humour have been fondly received at BT, Orange, IBM, Nestle, Asda, Procter & Gamble, Bentley and BMW. He built a full service marketing agency from scratch, sold it to the largest agency in the world and ran one of the smallest yacht clubs in the world before becoming managing partner at Breathe Business.

What the reviewers said:
“If you intend staying in dentistry beyond the next six months you have to read this book.” Stephen Hancocks OBE, editor-in-chief of the British Dental Journal and editor of the International Dental Journal.

“This book will be of help to any dentist, it’s a really useful exercise to work through it and start planning for the future.” Martin Fallowfield, chair of the BDA’s principle executive committee.

“Each chapter is straight to the point and easily consumable. The open, concise, humorous style is refreshing and convincing, offering advice for both personal and technological improvement as a business owner.” Julian English, editorial director at FMC.

For more information on Moonwalking For Dentists, including how you can purchase, please contact Jason on 0845 299 7209 or email at

To buy Moonwalking for Dentists online, click here.

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