The last days for the average dental practice?


Apparently, 55 per cent of Americans think they are smarter than average. Many principals we meet believe their practice, their team, their patient journey, their outcomes, are smarter than average but, frankly, they’re not…

Average is not what we need in UK dentistry right now… With a surplus of dental practices in some areas of the UK, patients will decide on which are the good practices and vote with their credit cards.

Average has been sort of OK for the last five years. Remarkable is the quality your practice needs for the next five if you plan to grow. And remarkable practices are led by high performing principals like Mike Hesketh, who wrote this week’s Top Tips.

Here are some of the behaviours that they share:

  1. They take responsibility for their life, they are captains of their fate
  2. They have a vision for a bigger future and a written plan for the next 12 months
  3. They are very passionate about their practices
  4. They are focused, disciplined and will make sacrifices because they have stamina for ridiculous amounts of hard work
  5. They set tight deadlines for themselves and for everyone around them
  6. They do what they say they are going to do and follow through really quickly
  7. They are always on time (or early)
  8. They start their day early (they get a lot done before average folk’s alarms have gone off) and they don’t waste time
  9. They work hard and then stop and recharge
  10. They don’t insist on having all the facts
  11. They make a lot of decisions
  12. They don’t spend all the profits
  13. They hate mediocrity, they play the game they’re in at the right level
  14. They zag while everybody else is zigging (don’t follow the crowd)
  15. Their compelling cause is to use their: skills, creativity, energy, time and talent to produce value for their clients and team, which not only delivers their personal vision but makes their corner of the world a better place.

My view is these behaviours are learned, not genetic, and anyone can acquire them. Average practices run by average principals are getting squeezed. Time (for those that haven’t yet) to step up!

I would like to hear from principals who want to be remarkable – get in touch with me on 0845 299 7209 and, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Best wishes


Dr Simon Hocken is Lead coach: business, practice & clinical leadership at Breathe Business.

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