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The Breathe Team works with many clients to help them with their marketing and brand strategy and turning a plan into reality. One of the ways to help your marketing is to use videos: these can make your practice (and your brand) “come alive” and can be used for client testimonials, as Simon has described in the article above in Internet Marketing.

We are delighted to provide an AMAZING OFFER to our ezine readers this week, who wish to experience the quality and opportunities that a video provides for your website and marketing. The first three practices to contact Breathe will receive a HALF PRICE bespoke video from Greenacre Communications ( please contact Ernie on 0845 299 7209 or and quote “Ezine GAComms Video Offer”.

Here, Elliot Choueka of Greenacre Communications ( tells you a little more about what they do and explains how you can effectively use video in your marketing.

Quality and bespoke videos that work

Are you looking to communicate effectively with your existing and potential clients? Do you have a website or are you considering building one? Do you have a TV screen in your waiting room? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are you’ve also thought about having your own video made. It’s been shown that websites with video content encourage visitors to stay longer. And if they’re staying longer, then you’re more likely to convert them from being a visitor to becoming a client.

There are plenty of companies out there producing videos for dentists, and some are very good. When we at Greenacre Communications produce videos, we provide a level of quality that is unrivalled – with that quality comes an impact which you can’t find anywhere else. Greenacre Communications is run by two former BBC Television producer/directors. We are experienced in communicating a message clearly, concisely and professionally.

No two videos that we produce, are alike. We work with you to tailor your video to your requirements, and actively encourage your involvement throughout the whole process, and, because of our BBC TV background, we are highly skilled at communicating your message. The process is simple. We will write a script for you, provide you with a presenter, if that’s what you want, and then shoot and edit the whole video. We approach every video as we would a TV programme. Why? Well because people nowadays are media savvy. They aren’t going to spend time watching a poor excuse for a video. They expect top quality and we provide that.

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