Taking Time to Slow Down to Speed Up Your Progress!

At Breathe, we are becoming increasingly aware of the differences between those clients we work with, who have a clear view of their future and those who haven’t. Our clients who have invested time and money in creating their vision and planning for their future:

  • Have more energy and a sense of purpose
  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Are positive about their work
  • Find it easier to make decisions
  • Become more successful, more quickly by any measure

Why ‘Retreaters’ are more likely to succeed!
What is the outcome we at Breathe want?
Clients who have a clear idea of what they want and how to achieve it (Personally and Professionally).

The successful formula we apply at the Breathe Business Retreat?

  • 3 Breathe Coaches.
  • A group of “Retreaters” (both new and returning).
  • 5 long, slow, peaceful days.
  • A fantastic environment provided by Trelowarren in South Cornwall, with Sir Ferrers Vyvyan and his team, run on pioneering and award-winning green principles (www.trelowarren.com).
  • Comfortable, beautifully kitted out modern Eco-Cottages with wood burning fires.
  • Gorgeous, locally sourced food.
  • A 14th Century library to meet and work in with a roaring log fire.
  • A heated outdoor swimming pool
  • A barbequed breakfast on a deserted beach at sunrise
  • Miles of walking on the Trelowarren estate
  • Fun, friendship and community…

AND lots and lots of sharp, clever coaching!

Knowing exactly what sort of life you want makes it more likely that you will get it. Are you interested in joining us next time we do this? Absolutely no “tree-hugging” involved! The dates are:

Sunday 21st November to Saturday 27th November 2010

Please contact Ernie on 0845 299 7209 or ernie@nowbreathe.co.uk to understand why the Retreat will work for you and to book your place (places are limited).


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