Failing Your Way To Success

It’s that time again for planning the changes we want in our lives. That slow, reflective time of year when I relish the quiet of the dark early mornings and the chance to sit at my desk and think about life and business. My resolution this year is to risk more small losses in order to make larger gains. For example taking time out to write a book with my friend and colleague Jonathan Fine, taking some courses, spending time with people I normally would say no to and trying some new experiences.

The point is I don’t expect it all to go well. I anticipate that I will waste a few hours and some money, but in amongst the small disappointments I know that I might find some big wins, which could take me forward to bigger successes. Far too often, new ideas are turned down (by the readers of this update and even by our Breathe members) because of the fear of failure, without questioning whether the small price of failure is worth the risk in exchange for the possibility of uncovering greater success.

So for me, this year is not just about resolving to do things I know are going to work and benefit me, it’s about resolving to do things that may well fail in order to create the possibility of finding fun and success, by doing things outside of my comfort zone!

In 2013, I’m certain that we will see a further increase in the rate of change in the business of Dental Practice and change doesn’t mean that we will magically go back to the heady, pre-recession days of 2007. Far from it, I anticipate that 2013 will be tough on the practices that are already slipping backwards (in terms of patient numbers and profitability) and they will be even further behind by the end of the year. Unless these owners do more to stop the rot and treating their practices more seriously, like the businesses they really are, the practices will continue to shrink.

Please make 2013 the year that you:


  • Finally embrace the power of the internet in order to to generate new patients and keep your existing ones.
  • Start measuring accurately your new enquires and source, new patients, active list size and patient attrition rates.
  • Train your team to enable them to optimise their contact with both new and existing patients. Make sure your front desk team has a successful sales process to convert enquirers into new patient consultations and a process to reactivate dormant patients effectively whilst managing your data base in such a way to keeps the diaries full.
  • Optimise the way you pay your Associates, Hygienists and support teams in order to maximize their performance. Stop paying your Associates and Hygienists based on what everyone else might/might not be doing and pay them based on their performance and what your practice can afford.
  • Get hold of the financial command and control in your practice so that you know exactly what’s going on monthly, weekly and daily.
  • So my friends, change is in the air, it’s time to take some risks, it’s time to get yourself resourced and get in control of your practice. It’s time to take a lot of action. It’s time to prepare for some small failures and some bigger successes.

Maybe now is the time to talk to me about how we can help you grow your business in 2013?

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Best Wishes


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