Sell The Sizzle And Not The Sausage

It’s Simply Not Enough To Be A Talented And Dedicated Dentist In 2013.

The first lesson you learn when you are training to become a marketeer is that customers rarely buy products or services, [with the obvious exception of commodities like petrol or electricity] they buy what they aspire to and they buy emotional desires. Often, they are motivated to buy from fear and that fear can simply be a fear of ‘loss’. This Christmas we will all have bought or received presents that had more to do with brand aspirations instead of pure functionality. Try explaining the difference between a Skoda Octavia 2.0 diesel and a BMW 318 2.0 diesel to a Martian (or my Mother)!

So how do you apply this logic to the World of Dental Practice in the UK in 2013? I know it’s difficult, but imagine that the NHS did not exist and you and your family had recently moved from Truro to Troon, you have to select a new doctor to look after you and your young family. You go online and with the help of you discover the following three medical practices to choose from:


  • The Dr P Jackson Medical Centre Troon
  • The Parkway Medical practice
  • Dr Toby Procter and Partners – The Friendly Family Practice


Which practice would you call first? No doubt all 3 practices have talented clinicians but some how Toby’s practice has the edge, because Toby is his first name, Toby sounds approachable and it sounds like he can justify the tag line ‘The Friendly Family Practice’ – In his own modest way, Toby is selling sizzle!

The name of the practice is just one opportunity to create a sizzle. Consider the exterior of your practice as if it were a box of chocolates. Do you want to rip open the box and eat one of the delicious chocolates or does it remind you of a box of lawn food ?

Compare the photographs below:

Which one is the most inviting? Which one is the friendliest? Which one will hurt you less? Which one has the most up to-date equipment? Which one will see you right now?

Try this test on your practice:

Photograph all the exteriors of all your competitors with their names (and tag lines if they use them). Then photograph your own practice. Stick all the pictures and tag lines on your staff room wall and ask your team (and yourself) which one would you go to if you were a new patient?

If you need advice on selling your sizzle in 20013 please give me a ring on 07860 672727.

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