The Dentistry Show 2014

Ernie, Jonny and I spent a rewarding couple of days at The Dentistry Show. Our hosts were Chris Strevens and Andy Acton of Frank Taylor & Associates (the biggest agency for dental practice sales in the UK), who have partnered with us in producing Moonwalking For Dentists.

Shows like this one are a great place to meet clients, old and new, and to catch up with businesses and suppliers that we work closely with. However, for me the most useful outcome from shows is to take the temperature of the “industry” and find out what is getting attention (and what isn’t).

This time around, I noticed:

  • There are many new entrants to the Invisible Braces market (Fast Braces were everywhere and the team on their stands won the Breathe prize for the most stunning sales team, (gosh I’m getting politically correct in my old age!!)).
  • There were several accountants who had taken stands, keen to secure new clients
  • Cad Cam and milling machines were everywhere
  • How much cheaper dental equipment has become (the China effect?)
  • Several of the stands had folk on them who would leap in front of you and ask, “Are you a dentist?” Obviously, dentists are becoming more rare at shows like this one as the aisles become busier with those selling rather than those buying…
  • Some (but by no means all) of the stands seemed busy and were actively doing business.

On the Frank Taylor stand there was a stream of young dentists looking to buy practices and a trickle of dentists my age wondering whether now was a good time to sell… Yes, it is!

If you would like some help to prepare your practice for sale and get the best possible price, contact me on:

m. 07770 430576

Best wishes


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