Moonwalking For Dentists

Our book is out and we’re really delighted with how it looks, feels and the response that it’s getting already. It was launched (softly) last week at The Dentistry Show on Frank Taylor & Associate’s stand (our sponsors), almost a year to the day from when Jonathan and I managed to persuade the rest of the Breathe Team that it would be a good idea to send us both to the sunshine in Tenerife, so as to plan and start writing it.

Several clients, past and present, have expressed some surprise that we are ‘giving away’ many of our ideas. That’s not how we see it and we take the view that, in these days of easy access to unlimited information, it’s inappropriate to keep our intellectual property in a treasure chest, only giving the key to our friends and to those who pay.

The world of dental practice is full of tactics: every conference, every magazine and every consultant is dying to give you their favourite version. Tactics are everywhere, what’s missing it seems, are some clever, effective and successful strategies that really grow dental practices. If you have a great strategy, it’s easy to go shopping for tactics. Moonwalking For Dentists is a book about finding the right strategy for your practice before you start to add in the tactics.

If you would like some help in creating your strategy for a remarkable dental practice, please contact me on:
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If you would like a copy of Moonwalking For Dentists, here’s the link:

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