Dentistry like Army must change faster, says ex-Forces consultancy recruit


The dental advisory group Breathe Business has appointed a former Army technician to oversee an aggressive client acquisition programme that aims to make it the leading provider of business advice to dentists in the UK and Ireland by 2018.

Marketing manager Jason Currim, 31, will be using his experience in IT and communications to deliver digital marketing tactics for Breathe’s strategic goals.

Mr Currim received promotion two years ahead of average as a communications technician in the British Army and was UK sales and operations coordinator at the IT and telecoms firm Geomant UK Ltd.

He said: “I think dentistry and the Armed Forces are alike in that they are both slow to move with the times and don’t like fast change.

“From a business perspective many practice owners are reluctant to embrace strategies and ways of running their business that would rapidly increase their turnover and profit. The few owners that are embracing these ways of working are having phenomenal success.”

Mr Currim’s remit is raising brand awareness of what Breathe offers and communicating the benefits to practice owners who are reluctant to work with consultants.

He added: “Dr Simon Hocken and Jonathan Fine are far from what I would term ‘typical’ consultants, in addition to co-writing Moonwalking For Dentists they genuinely have a lot to give to business owners who want to improve their business.”

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