The Dentists – did you see it on ITV last Monday?

A truly frightening insight into the stunning degree of parental ignorance regarding paediatric dental care, the horror of seeing young children have total clearances will live on in the minds of all the viewers and without doubt makes compelling and cost effective TV. I loved the story about the driving instructor and his new found confidence provided by a very talented dentist.
But what impression has this fly on the wall style documentary about Manchester Dental Hospital created in the viewer’s mind about the state of UK dentistry? In an NHS kind of way it looked high tech, efficient, caring and sensitive along with the fact that all the clinicians looked about 15! It was also quite blood and guts, re-enforcing any phobic thoughts your patients may have. Overall, I think it was positive but clearly a long way from the reality of your practice.

Five to 10 years ago when the makeover programs were all the rage we saw a rash of very glamorous and handsome dentists performing cosmetic wonders for some of the less attractive unfortunates amongst us. This probably kick started the mass cosmetic dentistry business in the UK, making great smiles as available as great hair dos or generous chests.

TV even in the digital age is very powerful. I love Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies and its road show format because it’s real world, interesting and instant. How about a series called Embarrassing Smiles? Think what that would do for your new patient count.

If you missed the program, you can watch it on ITV Player here until July 15.

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