How caring is your team, really?


One in four trainee doctors and nurses are not caring enough for their jobs according to new research, and we have evidence the problem exists in dentistry too.

Last week we mystery shopped 10 private practices to see how the reception teams handled a telephone enquiry from a new patient with nagging toothache and, crucially, if they displayed empathy.

Listening to the calls, particularly if you put yourself in the new patient’s shoes, was cringe worthy; only one expressed concern and sympathy for the caller’s toothache, the others without exception tried to simply ‘process’ the enquiry and, as the caller was not a member of the practice, the processing bit was generally poor to diabolical.

If you want your team’s caring side to be a permanent feature of all patient contact, give me a ring on 07990 568909 and I will be happy to help you bring back the human touch.

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Ernie Wright is Lead coach: business processes and people management at Breathe Business. Email or connect with Ernie on LinkedIn.

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