Why it’s high time for low cost, high volume dentistry


More anecdotal evidence that the market for low cost, high volume dentistry – what I dubbed the easyJet model in my book Moonwalking For Dentists – is expanding apace emerged this week as a nurse working on the NHS 111 helpline warned of a “huge increase” in patients overdosing on painkillers after being unable to access dental treatment.

Dental practices which follow the easyJet model will grow rapidly

Dental practices which follow the easyJet model will grow rapidly

Michelle Goodman told The Mirror: “There’s a huge increase in patients unable to access treatment, causing them to unintentionally overdose with over-the-counter analgesics.”

Figures from NHS England show that more than 950,000 more people avoided seeing the dentist last year compared to figures from 2010.

While the cost of an NHS dental check-up has risen 12% from £16.50 in 2010 to £18.50, the real issue is lack of access to NHS dental services, which has been well documented.

The market is crying out for large, low cost private practices which can see patients the same day and offer value on complex procedures as well as basic dentistry – something our client Dan Rogers, who has written a guest blog for Update this week, absolutely nailed.

These practices simply need to achieve efficiencies of scale and communicate their brand values effectively to the desperate people Mrs Goodman is talking about.

If you would like to investigate setting up a low cost, high volume practice in an area of high demand give me a call on 07860 672727.

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