Drilling down your dental competition with SEO

By ANDREW THOMAS – Breathe Online Marketing 

In private dentistry having a great looking website is crucial; it gives confidence to the potential patient and projects professionalism.

However, with so many dentists moving online it’s becoming even harder to reach the top of search rankings for key phrases that potential patients use, never mind stay there!

Online competition is rife, and increasing year on year as old traditional dentists wise up to the fact that without a website business survival is rare. Dentists who already have a website know they need to push online marketing boundaries further in this competitive market. Sitting back and doing nothing is no longer an option.

Breathe Online Marketing provides online dental marketing strategies to practices all over the UK and Ireland. Among other things we work on strategies for website redesigns with new responsive layouts and increase page speed for optimal performance – both important factors which are now taken into consideration with the latest algorithms from Google.

Paramount for success

There is a lot to online marketing, especially within search engine optimisation (SEO), from <title> tags to content optimisation, there is a lot to gain. But, if done incorrectly it could wipe you out overnight, and you’ll find yourself ranking in deep out of sight in Google, where nobody will find you or know you exist! So having a trusted expert with knowledge of marketing within the dentistry sector is paramount for success.

So why does the dentist down the road always rank above you? Well, it could be a number of factors, from the age of their domain (URL), to the size of their website.

Look at Wikipedia or Amazon, they continually rank high partly due to the fact they have a continuous supply of content being added minute by minute. Fresh, relevant and unique content is very important these days, and feeding the search engines with great content is a recommended starting point.

But you can’t stop there! The website needs to be technically optimised and a flow of natural links coming in from other trusted websites is the key factor for increasing the rankings for target key phrases, then using your social profiles to push this content further.

Competitor analysis is also a strategy, it’s not bad to admit your competitor has better rankings than yourself, and it should be set as a goal to seek out why, improve and overtake them.


Whilst undertaking your campaign, Breathe Online Marketing will focus on your competitors who rank above you, to see what they are promoting, and to gain evidence of what’s working for them. We then provide a solution to rival what they are doing – but better.

So, step back and look at the online marketing efforts currently undertaken by your practice – are there any? Is it working? Are you aware of what’s going on?

Breathe Online Marketing is transparent and will provide you with monthly reports on traffic gains, improved conversion and ranking positions to prove what we are undertaking is working. We provide a solution to ensure you see a return on investment from your marketing spend, by driving traffic on highly profitable phrases such as ‘implants’ and ‘orthodontics’.

Breathe Online Marketing provides a range of strategies which complement one another including search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media, content creation and conversion optimisation. If your dental practice is lacking patients, or you wish to grow your patient numbers and become the most popular practice in your area, then give us a call.

Best wishes


To talk to Andrew about boosting your online presence call 01872 248 376 or email andrew.thomas@breatheonlinemarketing.co.uk

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