How to convert 30% more web leads

A large part of running a profitable business is about measuring things. Before we meet our clients for the first time, for example, we ask them for the passwords to their website so we can have a look at their Google analytics.

Now there’s a way to do even more with the information you get from your website – it’s called patient treatment retargeting, and we asked Stewart Roode, director at Breathe Online Marketing, how it works…

What is patient treatment retargeting?

It’s the reactivation of prospects who enquired but never took up a treatment plan, and secondly it’s retargeting users who have been on to your website, requested information or filled out a contact form, but stopped there.

We use software to automatically send these prospects scheduled content that’s only relevant to the treatment they’ve shown interest in. Ideally this would be a series of patient testimonial videos filmed at your practice. The idea being they’re repeatedly reminded, while they’re still in the research phase, that your practice excels at the treatment they want. Plus it’s informative content that genuinely helps them, building trust.

What are the results?

You can expect a 30 per cent conversion rate from lead to new patient.

Does this mean dental practices need more content?

It does, but there are a few solutions – we do a lot of web redesigns for dental practices which inevitably include getting a videographer out for a day to shoot patient testimonials. This means finding willing patients and closing the practice – a big hassle – so if you’re going to be doing it anyway I’d strongly advise you do as many videos as possible on that day. Find patients who want to talk about the treatments you want to push, and make the videos longer too, so you can cut them up into more videos later.

How is this different to ad retargeting?

That’s based on anonymous information gathered using cookies which enables bespoke advertisements to appear as the user browses other websites, based on what they viewed on your site. Patient treatment retargeting is different in that you’re sending bespoke video or written content right into the user’s inbox because you have their name and email address. When you have both anonymous and email retargeting going on at the same time, you can expect to go even higher than 30 per cent conversion because your presence is that much greater.

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