Facial aesthetics is the next growth zone for GDPs


As we all know the UK dental market place is in rude health, with overall growth from 2010 to 2015 expected to have rocketed by a third, this when our overall economy is bouncing around at two per cent growth!

The growth rate will continue if not increase pace as the old ‘semi-detached practices’ are marginalised by retail-formatted customer-centric practices.

However, the growth has in part been powered by the explosion of cosmetic dentistry like tooth whitening and veneers. One of the most powerful revenue builders is the provision of adult ortho provided by GDPs. Among our clients it is not unusual for a small GDP practice to put on £100k of sales within two years of the owner learning and providing a single offering ortho service. Not surprisingly, it’s actually now unusual for GDPs not to offer this service.

So what’s the next big thing?

In my view adult ortho provision will seem quite modest in comparison to the well telegraphed growth in facial aesthetics.

Just look at how Botox search queries on Google UK have risen steadily since 2004:

botox Google

This spike in lip filler searches in May 2015 (below) followed the news that Kim Kardashian’s younger stepsister Kylie Jenner used temporary lip-fillers and felt more confident.

lipfillers Google

The target market and therefore the appeal of facial aesthetics is far larger than adult ortho (please don’t make the mistake of thinking that FA is just for middle-aged ladies or blokes looking for a new partner), but the killer point here is the repeat purchase aspect – having had it, the patient will never ever want to go back to looking 10 years older!  …and, of course, you get all the dentistry thrown in.

Adverts in Exeter airport testify to the increasingly mainstream appeal of facial aesthetics

Adverts in Exeter airport testify to the increasingly mainstream appeal of facial aesthetics

If you would like some help introducing FA into your practice please give me a ring.

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