7 awkward things your practice manager won’t tell you


We run a year long series of practice manager workshops aiming to convert good operational managers into all round business managers who can also manage their boss. Some of the stories they tell in the safety of a Breathe workshop would either make you laugh or curl your toes and no, I’m not about to share them here. However, there are things they need to tell you and if you were to listen, you would learn something important about your practice:

  1. It’s driving me nuts that you won’t prioritise your time to work alongside me every week on your practice. Instead, you prefer to dump and run because in your world, seeing patients or playing golf is more important than taking care of your business…
  2. I wish you had a growth/business plan for 2016 which you shared with me and the whole team so that next year my working life might be more interesting than just putting out fires.
  3. No-one (including you) understands the numbers I produce every month and you can’t run the practice finances by going online and looking at the practice bank account.
  4. An extra 50 quid in the staff’s pay packet at Christmas is insulting, especially as you’ve just changed your Mercedes again and told your nurse (who told everyone else) how much your wife/husband’s Christmas present is costing.
  5. Please will you stop hanging around my office interrupting my concentration and looking over my shoulder just because your patient hasn’t turned up and also, stop joshing with the girls in reception with your mask still around your neck. It’s so very unprofessional.
  6. Despite your endless charm, some valuable patients are about to leave because you seem incapable of running on time, even when they are the first patients on your list.
  7. I would really like to do a year long course in practice management but know it’s all about money with you and not about helping develop my skill set…

If you’d like to know more about our practice manager workshops, please contact me on ernie.wright@breathebusiness.co.uk or 07990 568909.

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