Patients put at risk over Botox jabs


“Patients put at risk over Botox jabs” screamed the front page of The Times on Saturday December 19th, re-enforced with a leader headed “Poison in private – regulation must be introduced to end the dangerous anarchy of the Botox market”.  And if that wasn’t enough there was a full page report based on a mystery shop of beauticians, complete with shocking before and after photographs of botched outcomes. That’s three major pieces in one day on Botox, suggesting somebody suspects another breast implant scandal or worse.

The bottom line is there is little doubt that if you were contemplating losing those crows feet and looking 10 years younger and had read all three articles, you would be very rattled and more than likely opt to live with your characterful lines!

But is this exposé an opportunity or a threat for UK and Irish dentists who do facial aesthetics?

The simple answer is this scare story is a major opportunity to cut out non-clinically trained providers and emphasise the importance of being treated in a clinically safe environment by a clinician/doctor/dentist. This story is the beginning of the catalyst that will create a clear pathway for dental practices to embrace FA fully and safely for all – there is little doubt the demand is there and growing but potential customers are unclear right now as to where to access the treatment.

Over the past 12 months a significant number of Breathe clients have successfully moved into facial aesthetics, buoyed by the heady forecasts of a compound annual growth rate of 9.22 per cent projected for 2016, which is in part driven by the ageing population, the growing popularity of combination therapies not to mention the ‘selfie’ culture and the increasing feel good factor of a growing (albeit tiny growth) economy.

The beauty (forgive the pun) of the facial aesthetics client is the repeat purchase cycle and the real opportunity to introduce the patient to the potential of advanced high value cosmetic dentistry. There is no doubt it is a major revenue grower and introduces a cohort of patients that probably would never have considered changing dentist and visiting your practice.

Because the prospective customer is unclear where or from whom to access facial aesthetic treatments, it is critical to embrace a fully integrated marketing process utilising digital and non-digital PR along with clever search marketing, supported by an informative and helpful website with lots of video content and helpful tips and downloadables. In an average size practice it should be possible to move from a zero base to 15 new FA cases per month quite quickly.

If you need help with this please get in touch, I will be happy to help.

Very best wishes for 2016


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