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MoneySavingExpert’s online poll in January revealed some interesting differences in preferences for facial aesthetics.

To vote on a treatment you either had to have previously had it or want to have it in future. You probably could have guessed the over-40s market is where the money is, but you might not have realised by how much.

As you’d expect, more women over the age of 40 responded to the survey than anyone else: 5,856 against 2,823 under-40s (a ratio of 2:1). Less than half that number of men voted, with a similar ratio of roughly 2:1.

If we take the poll as representative of a rough picture of the market, the conclusion here is unambiguous:

if you have a marketing budget for facial aesthetics, target female over-40s.

Now let’s look at the survey’s non-surgical treatments among over-40s women in order of popularity:

Cosmetic dentistry             (13%)

Have had                                     (19%)

Would like to have                    (81%)

Botox                                        (7%)

Have had                                     (51%)

Would like to have                     (49%)

Facial fillers                            (7%)

Have had                                      (33%)

Would like to have                     (67%)

Chemical peel                         (5%)

Have had                                       (14%)

Would like to have                      (86%)

Lip augmentation                 (2%)

Have had                                       (32%)

Would like to have                      (68%)

I wouldn’t ever have any    (11%)

The conclusion here:

allocate twice as much of your marketing budget to cosmetic dentistry as Botox or fillers.

You can use this information to:

  • Steer your website design
  • Allocate your PPC spend
  • Steer your blog content (for organic search)

If you need support deploying your marketing budget get in touch, I’d be very glad to help.

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