Careful what your walls say about you


The St David’s Hotel & Spa in Cardiff Bay is one of the best hotels in the UK, with truly first class service. I stay there a lot.

Last week I was pleasantly surprised to hear, from my room, the sound of a Welsh choir singing in the lobby which carried beautifully up through the auditorium-like atrium.

I was a bit stunned, though, to find this certificate proudly displayed in a public area. It celebrates that St David’s made the finals in the Good Spa Awards 2012.

St David's Hotel & Spa's dubious accolade

St David’s Hotel & Spa’s dubious accolade

Yep, that’s Good Spa not Great Spa and finalist not winner. And in 2012. Begging the question, what’s been going on for the past four years?

A walls theme seems to be developing spontaneously here (I wrote about the surgery wall that makes you money in the past Update).

But, seriously, check whether you have ambiguous artefacts like this on your practice walls. And if so, ask yourself what it’s really doing for your business.


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