How to write the perfect reminder email

I love my hairdresser Sarah. Her salon frequently wins awards for customer service and for many years she has been working with a coach, Alan Austin Smith, who specialises in working with hairdressing salons.

I’ve spent some time with Alan comparing and contrasting dentists and hairdresser foibles and he really has a passion for what he does. He’s particularly good at raising the energy and aspirations of the salon teams he works with and he has distilled his ideas into two immensely readable books, The Fantastic Hairdresser and The Fantastic Boss (which you will find on Amazon). Many of his ideas are directly transferable into a dental practice.

I thought I would share with you one of Sarah’s successful tactics for reducing her salon no shows. Hairdressers, like dentists, pre-sell appointments into their stylists’ diaries and rely on their clients turning up on the day. So, like dentists, they have had to develop ways to reduce their no shows.

Below you will see the email reminder that I received on Monday for an appointment on Thursday which was followed by a text message to my mobile 24 hours before my appointment. I know that many of you run a similar system, however I wanted to share with you the copy of the email reminder.

For me Sarah’s email gets the tone just right and stays away from the rather dangerous path of threatening fines if the client fails the appointment. And I think the photo helps to break up the page and make it more attractive and readable.

Sarah's email

Sarah’s email

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