How soon will treatment prices begin to tumble?

Telegraph Dental ad


What will the average Daily Telegraph reader make of Vital Europe’s quarter page colour ad offering implants at £480 and crowns at £199 or how about a half price consultation at just £20?

I have to say the creative execution of the advertisement has more in common with a sun tanning parlour than a medical service provider, but in fairness it got my attention.

The gormless photo of the youngish guy in the top right hand corner is miscast considering the age profile of the Telegraph reader, but on the other hand the ‘before and after’ shot is pretty impressive.

However, the most compelling element of the advertisement is without doubt the pricing. The pricing is unquestionably outrageously low and at the very least will provide every reader with a benchmark to torture their GDP with.

The problem with this type of disruptive advertising is the market response and there will be a response, maybe not in your catchment today but it will happen, pricing will come down – you need to prepare for it by ensuring that your positioning and proposition re-enforce your pricing strategy.

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