Busy dentists prefer hands on legal help

Sunita Jordan worked for the BDA for seven years as a legal adviser and then as head of legal. She advises dentists on the legal and HR side of managing their practices for Breathe Legal. Here she talks about why busy principals prefer a personal relationship with their lawyer these days.

There seems to be an increasing demand from dental principals for tailor made employment contracts and hands on help with legal issues to do with staff issues.

Perhaps it’s something to do with their jobs becoming more complex and time-consuming – many simply don’t have the time to use the sample letters and template contracts provided by the BDA any more.

There’s obviously always the extra worry associated with any matters legal; have I done everything I’m supposed to? What if I got something wrong?

It’s got to the point for many principals that they’ll ask me to come in and run disciplinary hearings for them. So if there’s an employee with an issue or who is being problematic I take the owner through the process, writing the letters, carrying out the hearing, writing the letters afterwards and conducting appeal procedures.

They’re so time poor, they’re really glad to have the extra weight of this responsibility off their shoulders.

A lot of Breathe clients are members of the BDA or Code or other organisations and all these places provide legal advice on the end of the phone.

Breathe Legal is different in that it’s designed for owners who like having a personal relationship with one person who’s available for advice all the time and knows about their situation, so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

We’re finding that principals using this service tend to often call or email to ask a quick question, and they really value having a very supportive, personal relationship with their lawyer.

If you’d like to talk to Sunita about legal matters or HR at your practice she’s available on sunita.jordan@breathelegal.co.uk and 07770 435375. Her offices are in Marylebone in central London.

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