Proof being a dentist is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time on Earth


I have just spent the last couple of days directing a video shoot at a large dental practice and part of our task was to build a portfolio of patient testimonials so, granted, naturally the practice invited patients that were extremely positive about the practice and more particularly about their clinician.

Frankly, I was not ready for the sheer level of emotional gratitude that came out. Patients talked about Darin’s gift of a “life changing” implant and bridge procedure that enabled an utterly charming lady in in her early 50s to smile confidently for the first time in her life, her words not mine, or the almost reverent esteem that Mike, a gas fitter in his mid 30s, had for Elaine’s incredible ability to sort out his “wonky teeth”.

I have had and have happy clients and sometimes even grateful ones, but I can honestly say I have never experienced the degree of hero worship I have witnessed over the last couple of days.

As a dentist you are incredibly privileged to have such an enormous opportunity to touch and change lives for the better every day. It can be an incredibly rewarding job.

Most of us mere mortals spend our working years providing tasks or services which have a limited impact on lives.

Please don’t underestimate or take for granted the importance of what you do for the ordinary non-clinical Joe in the street – you have wonderful powers and skills.

By the way, if you need help on patient video production, give me a call.

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