How to improve in three months


Most people I help professionally, in whatever line of work, have an idea about where they want to go. But as the colloquialism goes, in business to get somewhere you need to grow a pair.

People know I can’t do it for them. I can walk them up to the metaphorical cliff and check off the reasons why they’re jumping but, finally, only they can jump.

Nevertheless I still get extremely excited. I savour that moment when their feet leave solid ground and there are no more abstractions and we have to make it work in real time.

People behave differently once they’ve committed to something big like buying a business or changing premises and my job takes different guises: counsellor, ops guy, cheerleader, negotiator. It’s really interesting, though, when clients turn the tables and drive me really hard.

Carol and David Murnaghan, in their early 30s, really achieved an astonishing amount in the last half of 2015 and I mention them as an example of what’s possible.

They’d outgrown an awkward two-surgery practice up two flights of stairs and managed to snap up a lovely listed building – the Old Courthouse in Navan, Ireland. Without really interfering with their diary they renovated the Old Courthouse in three months, stripping it out to create a stunning five surgery clinic, and they immediately started taking patients.

On top of that, they’ve just been told they’re on the shortlist for seven (yes, seven) awards at the 2016 Irish Dentistry Awards. Here’s one of their award entry videos that charts their journey

Just shows what you can do in a year, or less…

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year


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