Top 21 successful habits for dentists

Last weekend we delivered the 2016 Breathe Retreat for 10 clients in the wilds of south Cornwall (see The cosy cottages and the wild and beautiful landscape worked their magic and our clients, revelling their disconnection from daily life, dug deep and revealed to us and themselves just what it is that they want to achieve during the next phase of their lives.

Of course for them, the devil lies in the detail and in their ability and resources to deliver their objectives. However, during events like this, it is always helpful and revealing to identify habits which will speed their progress. So, hot off the press, from last weekend is our top 21 successful habits for dentists who wish to live their dreams.

  1. Get up early. 0600 or earlier. Use this quiet and productive time to reconnect with your objectives and plan your tactics
  2. Do your most important work in the morning and take life/work more gently in the afternoons and evenings
  3. Practice extreme self care. Use high flow activities to rejuvenate, avoid overwhelm and boost your energy
  4. Get rid of all the minor irritations and tolerations in your day to day life, be they at home or at work (this will massively boost your energy)
  5. Detoxify your life. Remove toxic people and relationships from your life, stop toxic habits and avoid toxic places (you know what I mean)
  6. Work with people who share (some of) your core values
  7. Know what your goals are, write them down and have them somewhere which reminds you what they are every day (eg stick them on the bathroom mirror!)
  8. Be on time, be courteous and always follow through on what you said you will do
  9. Recognise the voice of your gremlin (the voice of fear) who will whisper in your ear and try to keep you firmly in your comfort zone
  10. Choose your attitude to every situation and always choose a positive mental attitude (hold the “yes-buts”)
  11. Do the right thing for your clients not the right thing for your bank account
  12. Do the one thing (that you are avoiding doing) which will make a substantial difference to the quality of your life
  13. Live like a confident person and you will become a confident person. Dress like a confident person when you go to work. Lose the trainers, tatty jeans, crumpled shirts and fleece. Wear what confident people wear
  14. Keep a daily journal, dream big (and write it down)
  15. Stop sedating yourself with bad TV, YouTube, social media, junk food and alcohol. Turn your phone/devices off and go for a walk
  16. Lead yourself and set an example to your team (be they at home or at work)
  17. Act as if you are already the person that you want to be
  18. Get resourced to enable change to happen. If all your employees are working their socks off, how on earth are you going to make change happen?
  19. Avoid overwhelm. Get more quality help
  20. Be grateful for what you already have and for what you have already achieved
  21. Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you would like to join us on the 2017 Breathe Retreat or you would like some help with implementing your goals, contact me for a chat on:


m. 07770 430576

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