Your 10 best investments in 2017

It’s that time of year again and our clients are making plans for their practices in 2017. A consideration for them is what they need to invest in next year in order to continue or boost their practice growth and development. The most important criterion for selection is “does it cost or will it pay?”

I thought you might be interested in their top 10. So, in no particular order:

  1. A new, effective, life prolonging perio programme for patients with a Florida Probe and a Halimeter
  2. Digital scanner and a Cerec/milling machine
  3. Digital photography and the relevant software in order to help patients visualise the outcome of the treatment plans proposed and say yes
  4. Treatment coordinator and a consultation room for them to see patients in
  5. A contemporary website, more online marketing and better social media presence
  6. Move the phones off the front desk and…
  7. Remove the front desk and replace with lectern(s)
  8. Provide a well stocked and easy to self-serve patient hospitality unit so as to upgrade the patient journey
  9. Fabulous, clever branding and more effective illuminated signage outside the practice
  10. Coaching and training, particularly to improve associate performance

Oh yes, and at least four Breathe clients are looking for larger premises in 2017 as they have simply outgrown where they are!

As you can see, the items on the list will all contribute to growing a practice and yes, they will all involve a degree of spending. But they all will pay rather than cost! So, my friends, don’t take all the profits home next year, spend some of them on proven strategies to grow your business!

If you’d like some help with growing and developing your practice in 2017, contact me for a chat about how we can help you.

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