Dodgy teeth whitening ‘rampant across UK’


Not so long ago we saw front page headlines about dodgy facial aesthetics leaving under-18s disfigured. Now a BBC investigation has revealed the scale of illegal tooth whitening.

Undercover reporters found one provider operating under a false name, two years after he had been prosecuted by the GDC for illegal tooth whitening, and unlicensed online trainers were discovered offering guidance for illegal tooth whitening and recommending products that could cause damage to teeth.

British Dental Association’s scientific adviser Professor Damien Walmsley said: “Illegal whitening is now running rampant across the UK, and while authorities are doing what they can it’s vital that the public understand the risks.”

This story is part of a growing trend of awareness around the hazards associated with not using qualified dental professions to get cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics – and I guarantee it won’t be the last report of dangerous practice.

While news agencies are commissioning investigations like this, the topic is obviously hot, and dental practices everywhere are missing a trick if they don’t drive home the medical excellence of their offerings: it really has never had better resonance than now, juxtaposed against the shabby, dangerous alternative.

The trick is imbuing your marketing collateral with this message implicitly, in a way that’s aligned with your brand language. Let me know if I can help.


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